Stylish Wedding in Tuscan Castle

Anne and Tom’s wedding is definitely one of the most fun (and crazy) we ever organized. As a wedding planner, I think I’ve never laughed so much during a wedding reception. I know, I’m telling their story from the end. But, even today I’ll keep smiling when I think to the roaming band we hired for their wedding in Tuscan Castle.

The first time I spoke to Anne, I immediately understood what they were looking for wow factor, proximity to Florence, good food and a lot of fun. They wanted to offer their guests and experience they would have remembered for a lifetime. They fell in love with a stunning castle a few steps from Florence. It was simply perfect for the wedding they had in mind. With many spaces, it gave us the opportunity to create different settings for every moment of the day and to surprise the guests at every step.

From the mystic ceremony in the cloister to the last dance in the romantic loggia, the day was a crescendo. It reached the top during dinner when The London Essentials burst into the courtyard, surprising and astounding guests with gags and jokes.


Glamourous greish & blush

Anne and Tom’s wedding was a mixture of modernity, tidiness and romanticism. When we designed this wedding, indeed, we had to focus on three essential aspects. The personality of bride and groom, both very glamour. The strong character of the venue: romantic, grand, and definitely vintage. The mood Anne and Tom were looking for something warm yet clean, romantic with a feel of contemporary. From a certain point of view, some of these features are opposed. However, choosing every single element from tableware to flowers, from dinner layout to colours, we knew that it was possible to find the right balance and blow their vision out of the water.

Our palette was mainly composed of cold colours such as grey, silver, white, dusty green warmed up by touches of blush. Alongside modern dishes and cutlery, glasses and candleholders had a vintage flavour that along with the softness of flowers and the texture of fabrics lent a charming and glamour feel.


You worked so hard... it has been perfect!

Grazie mille for all your help on our wedding. You worked so hard and we really appreciate all the effort you put in to support us! It has been really nice to meet you and to be guided to the big day, it has been perfect!
~ Anne&Tom

Ph: Daniele Vertelli


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