Frequently asked questions

24 questions and answer about 3 themes around your wedding. A little guide to help you better understand how this exciting journey works.

Anywhere from 24-10 months before the date you would like for your wedding. Certain periods of the year, such as June and September are particularly popular and get booked soon, especially on the weekends.

Therefore, to start searching the venue enough up front should ensure to find more options available. If you are flexible in terms of date and requirements, you can move the first steps closer to the date.

There are a few aspects that you should consider when you decide to start enquiring on your wedding as these can influence the list of suitable venues. Where should you start from?

  1. Draw up your guest list.
    A rough idea on numbers is enough at this initial stage. May you find difficult to define your party size, we suggest writing down names in two lists “A” and “B”: on the list A put people you absolutely want to attend or need to invite, on the list B guests you would love to have, but who you might cut if necessary.
  2. Figure out the budget.
    Although it is a hard task, the budget will create the framework for everything else. The budget indeed will determine the feasibility of the wedding, the list of venues you can consider and the vendors you can look at.
  3. Discuss the type of wedding you both want.
    Would you like a venue where everybody can spend a few days? Or do you prefer a venue just for the wedding day?
    Do you like a rustic, informal style? Or do you prefer something chick and elegant?
    Do you want a symbolic, religious or legally binding ceremony?
    All these things will come up during the process, however to have an idea on these aspects will help to choose the right solution!

Usually couples fly over at least a couple of times before the wedding.

During the first visit we will go to the potential wedding venues. We will offer our first-hand experience and advice so that you get a clear idea on possibilities, pros-and-cons of each venue, flow of the day. Basically, all the info you need before deciding which venue is perfect for your wedding.

The second visit happens a few months before the wedding and usually takes a 3-4 days. We’ll organize food tasting, hairstyle and make-up trial, meeting with florist. We’ll accompany you for all the time. This visit is a wonderful experience that gives the opportunity to see how all the elements work together.

The third meeting takes place upon your arrival before the Big Day. We will meet to go through all the detail and the schedule of the event checking that everybody (you and the wedding party) know exactly what to do.

Of course! As a destination wedding specialists, we’re used to long-distance planning. If you don’t have the chance to come out here before the wedding, we can deal with that being in constant touch by e-mail and video calls.

The preferred periods are the end of MayJune, September and beginning of October. The temperature is warm without being too hot: during the day we can arrive at maximum 30°C/86°F, the night is fresher with from 15 to 23°C / from 59 to 74°F.

In May and June it is dark late around 9pm, while in September and October around 7.30pm.

Below a short guide about temperature and weather in Tuscany:

  • June and September are the most popular months. With low chances of rain, temperature can arrive at maximum 30°C/86°F during the day, while the night is fresher with around 23°C / 74°F.
  • May and October: sunny days are very agreeable as the temperature is mild (25°C/77°F), It can happen to have some rainy days especially at the beginning of April and the end of October.
  • July and August are the warmest months. Temperature can reach up to 35°C/95°F (exceptionally 40°C/104°F) so it can be very hot especially if you remain in the cities like Florence. August is also the “holiday month” for Italians, which means that many businesses including shops, restaurants and vendors close down for at least a couple of weeks.
  • March and April are variable: they can have a good amount of rain, but also be exceptionally sunny. The temperature is generally mild and pleasant (19°C/70°F).
  • November and December are the most rainy months, the temperature is cool and it becomes dark early in the afternoon.
  • January and February are usually the coldest months. It can also happen to have snow at also a low altitude… It is the perfect period if you like winter scenery with ancient fireplaces.

It depends on the venue. In general music outdoor is allowed till 11pm, and you should then continue inside. However many venues are isolated so there isn’t a real limit.

In the presentation of each venue we propose you’ll find specified the time limit outdoor and indoor.

Usually one month before the wedding. This allow us to manage the food requirements, to organize transport when necessary, and to finalize the last details without overwhelm you when close to the date.

Weddings can cost anywhere from a few thousand euros to € 500,000 or more. The concept of an “average” wedding is misleading because you can get married with just the witnesses at a register office or spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of Euro for an extravagant, luxury affair.

For this reason, we prefer to outline the minimum budget you should expect for the wedding reception based on various wedding sizes:

Elopments from€ 4,000
15 people from € 15,000
30 people from € 30,000
50 people from € 35,000
75 people from € 40,000
100 people from € 55,000
150 people from € 70,000

The minimum budget we estimate includes the main services for the wedding reception: venue, catering (aperitif, dinner and open bar), photographer, hairstyle and makeup, flowers, music, amplification & lighting, celebrant, wedding planner.

It does not include: travel expenses, overnight, linked events, bridal dresses and rings.

The minimum budget includes services of good quality provided by professional vendors. However every aspect is basic/minimal.

For example a videomaker or a band are not included.
In term of design you can imagine personal flowers, a simple decoration for the ceremony, a centerpiece made of greenery and candles. The tableware is included but you have to choose among 2/3 options.

Depending on your requirements you can overspend on certain aspects, such as longer open bar (we included 3 hours).

The cost of weddings in Italy is aligned with other European countries, United Kingdom, and USA. It is slightly more expensive than in Australia.

Despite many couples believing that Italy should be cheaper, our country boasts a tradition in the wedding industry, either for local couples and for destination weddings.

For this reason, many services may appear more expensive than in your country, however in Italy, you can usually get a better value especially for food and wine, not considering the overall experience, the good weather and the landscape.


Yes, you can have a legally binding ceremony. We can assist you with any bureaucratic aspect and your marriage will be perfectly legal and recognised throughout the world.

The paperwork changes significantly depending on your nationality and country of residency. Please contact us for info on your specific case.

Usually not, only tow halls and the authorized venues can host legally binding ceremonies.

However we are able to arrange a fully legal wedding ceremony, either outdoor and indoor, everywhere.

Yes, we can combine a religious ceremony to a legally binding ceremony.

You’ll have to meet the requirements of both aspects, religious and civil, following the process to obtain the necessary documents.

Catholic weddings can be celebrated exclusively in Catholic churches. Not all churches are open to foreigners though.

Usually not. You can have a symbolic ceremony only in private chapels, very few.

You can have a legally binding ceremony in Italy after 300 days have passed since the day of the decree absolute.

You can have a Catholic or a Jewish marriage only if your previous marriage has been officially annulled.

We apply a flat rate based on the complexity of the wedding: number of guests, linked events, specific requirements of each couple. Our philosophy is based on transparency, we want you to be confident that we work exclusively in your interest.

When we reply to each enquiry, we immediately send a presentation of our  services and fees. This can then be tailored once we get a better idea of the event you would like to create.

We want you to feel comfortable each step of the way, therefore we ask you to commit in steps:

  1. Venue Search – you pay a fee for the venue scounting, proposal of alternatives, site visits, budget breakdown and booking process.
    If we find “the one” (which ussually happens) we move to the next step. If you think that Tuscany is not for you, you can stop here.
  2. Get the “planning ball” rolling – once the venue is secured you are asked to sign a contract and pay a deposit to confirm our planning services.

Before you secure our services, we can provide a rought estimate of costs. The budget of a wedding indeed is affected by many aspects and it is not possible to go in detail unless we have an idea on the venue and on the logistic.

If you decide to search the venue with us, during the process to secure the venue we’ll prepare a detailed cost breakdown for the venues you like, so that you can get a complete overview of the financial impact.

Although we are open to work with various supplier, one of the main reasons couples decide to work with us is our knowledge of territory and vendors.

Especially for certain services such as catering, we prefer to work with one of the companies we have carefully selected and tested over the years. Indeed, to work with our qualified team of vendors is the only way for us to ensure the best standards and value.

Absolutely! A dedicated planner will follow the entire process being with you every step of the way. She will attend all meetings, personally answering  your e-mail and calls. On the wedding day she will be present to coordinate every aspect from vendors’ arrival to the last guest has left the venue.

Weddings are our core activity, however we can help you also with other events: EngagementsBirthday Parties, Incentive and more… do not hesitate to ask for any info!


This information is precious in helping us to better understand your needs and to provide you with a personalized reply and guidance. We will be in touch within 24 hours.