24 questions and answer about 3 themes around your wedding.
A little guide to help you better understand how this exciting journey works.

1 Wedding in Tuscany

2 Wedding planner process

3 How we work

What is the best period for weddings in Tuscany?

The best months are June and September. The temperature is warm without being too hot (high temp. 30°C/86°F) and sunset is quite late. Bear in mind that obviously these months are also the most popular. Better to start the planning earlier enough.

What's the weather expected to be?

Below a short guide to give you an idea about temperature and weather in Tuscany:

  • July and August are the warmest months. Temperature can arrive up to 35°C/95°F (exceptionaly 40°C/104°F) so it can be very hot especially if you remain in the cities like Florence. August is also the “holiday month” for the most part of Italians, which means that many businesses including shops, restaurants and vendors close down for at least a couple of weeks.
  • May and October: sunny days are very agreeable as temperature is mild (25°C/77°F), It can happen to have some rainy days.
  • March and April are variable: they can have a good amount of rain, but also be exceptionally sunny. The temperature is generally mild and pleasant (19°C/70°F).
  • March, November and December are the months with the most precipitation, temperature sis cool and it becomes dark early in the afternoon.
  • January and February are usually the coldest months. It can happen to have snow also at a low altitude… it is the perfect period if you like winter scenery with ancient fireplaces.

Will our destination wedding be a legal marriage?

Yes. We can assist you organizing a legal ceremony. We will inform you about the documents you have to provide and on how to obtain them. We will handle the Italian part of the paperwork. After the wedding a marriage certificate will be issued and we’ll provide you with the necessary copies. Depending on your country of residence it will be registered automatically or you will need to deposit it at your local registrar office.
Your marriage will be perfectly legal and recognised throughout the world.

For legally binding ceremonies you can choose among the following rites (some of them can be held outdoor):

  • Civil wedding ceremony
  • Catholic wedding ceremony
  • Jewish wedding ceremony (only Jewish Orthodox weddings)
  • Protestant wedding ceremony

Can we have an outdoor ceremony that is a valid as legal marriage?

We are able to arrange a fully legal outdoor wedding ceremony in the most part of venues we work with.

How long can we enjoy music at our wedding?

It depends on the venue. In general music is not allowed after 11pm outdoor, but many venues are isolated so there isnt’ really a limit. When we propose the venues for your wedding we specify, together with much more info, the time limit for music.

When is the RSVP date?

Ideally it should be a couple of months before the wedding. This allow you to finalize all the details in good time not being overwhelmed when you arrive close to the date.

I have been divorced. Can I still marry in Italy?

You can have a civil ceremony in Italy after 300 days have passed since the day of the decree absolute.  You can have a religious marriage in church only after you have had your first wedding annulled by the Catholic church in your country.

What the cost of a wedding in Tuscany can be?

We’ll be honest: it doesn’t exist an answer to this question. The final cost depends on so many aspects that is impossible to state a standard budget. To give you an idea for a group of around 50 people you should consider a minimum of €20/25,000 for the wedding day itself excluding accommodation, flights, rehearsal dinner and events around the wedding. Our weddings are tailored to fit your specific wishes and budget, we will work to select item and services to create a wedding based on your budget and to give you the right advice from the beginning. This is the reason why we ask to fill out the wedding form with some basic info.

How early should we start to plan our wedding?

Anywhere from 10-18 months prior to the wedding date is a good time to start the planning. This should ensure we can secure the venue and the date you want and that you won’t feel overwhelmed. When you decide to move the first steps the main aspect to consider is the period you prefer for your wedding: certain months – like May, June and September – are very popular and to start the process 15-18 months in advance is advised. If you are flexible we can start a bit later.

What are the main aspects we should consider before moving the first steps?

There are a few aspects that you should consider when you decide to start enquiring on your wedding as these can influence the list of suitable venues as well as other aspects. Where should you start from?

  1. Figure out the budget: although it is a hard task, the budget will create the framework for everything else. The budget will determine the number of guests you can invite and the venues and vendors you can look at.
  2. Draw up your guest list: a rough idea can work at this initial stage. We suggest writing down names in two lists “A” and “B”: on the list A put people you absolutely want to attend or need to invite, on the list B guest you would love to have, but who you might cut if necessary.
  3. Discuss the type of wedding you both want: do you prefer an intimate or a big event; do you want a symbolic, religious or legal ceremony; do you like a rustic informal style or something chic and elegant… all these things will come up during the process, better to focus your priorities at the beginning!

How many times should we visit Italy before the wedding?

Usually couples fly over at least a couple of times before the wedding.

During the first visit we will go to the potential wedding venues. We will offer our first-hand experience and advice so that you get a clear idea on possibilities, pros and cons of each venue, of how the flow of the event could be… all the info you need before deciding which venue is perfect for your wedding.

The second visit is planned a few months before the wedding and usually takes a long weekend (3-4 days): you will taste food, do the hair and make-up trial, see the florist and meet with other vendors like photographer. We’ll accompany you for all the time and you will personally taste the services previously discussed via email. This visit is an amazing experience that gives the opportunity to see how all the elements work together and figure out the final picture.

The third meeting takes place upon your arrival before the Big Day. We will meet to go through all the detail and the programme of the event checking that everybody (you and the wedding party) know exactly what to do.

Can you plan our wedding if we don’t have the opportunity to visit Italy?

Of course, if you don’t have the chance to come out here before the wedding, we can deal with that being in constant touch by e-mail and Skype.

How many times will we meet in person before the wedding?

We usually meet our couples at least 3 times before the wedding. First time for the venue hunt, second time for tasting and trials, then at your arrivel before the wedding.Obviously we’ll be happy to arrange additional meeting in case you are able to come out more often.

How much communication will we have?

There is no limit on email or phone communication. You can email, call or text as much & as often as you need. It is our policy to respond to all messages within 24 business hours. Our goal is to ensure you are always in the loop, feeling confident in the proceedings.

How many days before the wedding should we arrive in Italy?

It depends on the kind of ceremony you have chosen. If you are looking for a legal civil ceremony, you will need to arrive at least 3-4 days before the wedding in order to finish the Italian part of the paperwork. For symbolic ceremonies there are no special requirements, however we suggest arriving a couple of days in advance in order to make comfortable before the big day!

Is our wedding planner there from beginning to end on the wedding day?

Absolutely! We don’t work with an hourly contract, we are there all day: from set-up and preparations right on up to when the last guest has left the venue. We will handle all the vendor involved and any unexpected issues helping you to avoid stress.

How does your booking procedure work?

Our philosophy is based on transparency and making couples feel comfortably. We believe that you should have the chance to understand if Tuscany is really what you want for your wedding.

The first contact is usually by e-mail, however it would be very appreciated if you can take the time to fill our wedding form as it gives us the opportunity to understand a few essential info to reply suitably. After an initial phone/Skype consultation, the planning begins. First step is securing a venue, which normally follows site visits out here in Italy with programmed itineraries once we have narrowed down a selection of venues for you. When venue and date are defined we can get the ball rolling securing our services.

Do you charge an initial consultation?

No, our initial consultation is complimentary. We like to get to know you, to make sure that you feel comfortable with us ensuring that we’re the best fit for your needs.

Do you charge a flat rate for your services or a percentage based on budget?

We don’t offer standard packages as we create tailor made weddings. We charge a flat rate for our services. It is based on event complexity: the amount of linked events to plan and coordinate, the number of people, the location and the kinds of services required. The fee is established at the beginning once we have a better idea of the event you would like to create. Our philosophy is based on transparency: we want you to be confident that we work exclusively in your interest.

Do you provide a preliminary work plan and schedule for our wedding?

We will provide mainly three documents to make the entire wedding process as stress free as possible:

  • Personalized wedding calendar including a to do list of actions required, appointments and schedule of events;
  • Constantly updated budget and payment schedule, in order to keep the expenses under control;
  • Wedding schedule for you and the wedding party so that everybody know exactly what to do, when and where.

Do you only organise weddings or can you help with other events?

We do not only plan wedding, we can help you also with: Engagement Parties, Pre or Post-Wedding events, Anniversaries or Vows renewals, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers and more… do not hesitate to ask for any info!

Will our wedding planner follow the entire process?

Of course. A dedicated planner will follow the entire process being with you every step of the way: she will attend all your meetings, will personally answer your e-mail and calls. She will be present on the wedding day from vendors’ arrival to the last guest has left the venue.

Do you execute multiple weddings each weekend?

Each wedding planner/coordinator manage only one wedding per weekend. We believe that the week leading the wedding is essential and we want to be totally focused on your wedding and everything around it.

Will you work with vendors we select, or only those you recommend?

We will absolutely work with your choice of vendors, however we have a great team of vendors that we often work with and that allow us to ensure the best standards and value.

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