RENEWAL OF VOWS in tuscany

When Happy ever after is not a figure of speech. Let’s celebrate the strenght of your enduring love with a renewal of vows in Tuscany. 

Renewal Of Vows in Tuscany

A renewal of vows in Tuscany is designed to celebrate your u-nion, a way to pay tribute to the past as well as to look towards the future together. Since there aren’t requirements or legalities involved, you are complete free to create the type of event you prefer including the ceremony. It can be a symbolic celebration enriched by rituals that have a significance, or a religious blessing according to your faith.

A vows’ renewal can be a small celebration with just the two of you, maybe with a few loved ones. Something minimal and simple, completely focused on yourselves. In this case, you may renew your promises in a small secret garden, or in a chapel, followed by a romantic dinner. Or it can be a big party of many people. You can rent a venue for a long weekend, organize a dinner with music and fun to share with family and friends. Either way renewal of vows are always filled with great meaning.

Our team always feel elated when it comes to reaffirm the strength of enduring loves. We can support you with all preparations, creating a package of services tailored to your need. A dedicated wedding planner will take the time to listed and understand your vision to create exactly the event you have in mind. We’ll proceed step by step starting from the venue search, to then organize the various services. To finish with the day of the celebration when your planner will be present to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We can also be very discreet in case you want to amaze your partner with a surprise renewal of vows!-

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Venue search, 204 alternatives awaiting for you

Whatever type of renewal of vows in Tuscany you have in mind, we can find the perfect place. From intimate farmhouses with a relaxed vibe, to majestic castles to amaze your guests, from small churches to bless your enduring love, to Michelin star restaurants to enjoy an excellent food experience, we’re just spoilt for choice. 

We’ll carefully select the best alternatives for your distinctive idea, showing each venue with an accurate description, photo gallery and organized info on the aspects you need to keep into consideration.

We’ll provide you with a detailed cost breakdown, and we will assist you for the booking process and the rest of this romantic journey.


Cloud wedding folder, everything at fingertips

Once the venue is secured, we can get the ball rolling!
Our aim is not only to achieve the day you dream of, it is to make the entire process the most enjoyable, stress-free, easy experience than you could ever imagine.

For this reason, we share with you an Event Folder where you have literally everything always up-to-date and on hand: planning calendar, budget, schedule of payments, archive of documents and much more.

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Floé Weddings_Renewal of Vows in Tuscany

Design & Organize your renewal of vows in Tuscany

Our second nature is to create a memorable event from scratch, just listening to your needs and understanding your vision.

For each service, we will propose various tested suppliers whose reliability is a guarantee of excellence. We will guide you step by step, answer any questions along the way, help you to choose the best alternatives for your style and budget, ensure to do the right move at the right time.

In case of bigger events, we will design each space and moment from concept to execution with mood boards and floor plans, making sure to integrate decorations with  the natural landscape and to add the “Made in Italy” feel.

Your wedding planner will escort you at all meetings and be by your side with inexhaustible communication via email and milestone calls.


The day has come: relax and enjoy it!

Either it is a small celebration or a bigger party, your wedding planner will be by your side to make sure that everything runs smoothly, falling gracefully at its place as planned.  

Don’t worry about a thing and leave the behind-the-scenes logistic and coordination to us. Our team will bring it all together to create the kind of experience you and your guests will rave about for years.

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