Rustic Chianti Vineyard Wedding

September is harvesting period in Italy. Chianti is swarm of workers in the fields and the smell of the grape pervades the air of a sweet, unique smell. Vicky and Nick visited Tuscany during the summer before their engagement. It was love at first sight and they had no doubt: their wedding had to be there. what a best perido than September?

The venue was a beautiful pink historic villa set amongst green vineyards in the Chianti area. A huge highlight for them was being able to spend a few days with their nearest and dearest with the pinnacle being their nuptials. To realize the dream of a Chianti vineyard wedding was extremly easy at that venue. With an internal restaurant, many activities available and beautiful places to visit in the sorroundings, they were simply spoilt for choice.

Vicky and Nick also wanted their wedding to be legally recognized. For this reason we followed the entire paperwork leading to the ceremony. The striking pink shade of the main villa provided a dramatic backdrop for such a significant moment and all the details we added were intended to compliment these surroundings. The views were definitely breathtaking, the main attration during the cocktail time.


Rustic, vintage mood

The pink hues of the venue and its vintage feel, set the tone of the colour palette, which was white, neutrals, dusty pinks and hints of gold.

For the decorations, Vicky and Nick wanted something that looked natural and not too candid. The choice of the flowers was an easy consequence: a mix of wild and elegant essences to create the untidy effect the venue istelf suggested.  They had two long tables for dinner, which had garlands of greenery and flowers running the length of them with tea lights dotted along the way. Some accents of gold made the decoration even more romantic and precious: stationery, fans, picture frames and favours (Italian sweets in gold tins).

Overall, there was definitely an element of vintage-inspired details on the Chianti vineyard wedding of Vicky and Nick, which happened quite naturally due to the nature of the venue.


You both did a truly wonderful job, thank you! 

Thank you for everything you did for us. Sara, leading up to the day you were responsive and very helpful. Pauline, you were such a lifesaver on the wedding day and did such a great job. I can’t express how nice it was to have a helping and reassuring hand close by all day. 
~ Vicky & Nick

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