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An authentic experience, a dive into Tuscan taste and tradition
Tuscany farm holidays wedding

Tuscany is a land of agricultural vocation, for centuries the passion for wine and food has been passed on. Choosing  Tuscan holiday farms for weddings means diving deep into Tuscany’s soul. You’ll find yourself in an intimate and fascinating yet simple place, the perfect location if you dream of a country-style wedding. An outdoor ceremony, coloured flowers picked from the fields,fairy lights that illuminate olive trees, genuine food made with fresh local produce. The noise made by grasshopers in the background whilst having dinner as the moonlight lights up the cutting of the cake and first dance.

Tuscan holiday farms for weddings will also be a great opportunity to spend an enjoyable holiday with your nearest and dearest, in a relaxing and welcoming lace far from chaotic city life. The beauty of the surrounding nature will surprise you, new colours and scentsased on the season. The rolling hills into the far distance, from olive groves to vineyards in a harmonious landscape. Tuscany is the mother of farmhouse and you will be spoiled for choice. Luxurious or rustic style, the structures are usually made up of several buildings close to each other, which make up small and characteristic villages similar to small hamleta. Generally small in size, farmhouses are suitable for hosting small groups for a few days.

“Olive grooves, rolling hills,
good food and wine
will frame your
country chic wedding”

wedding in tuscan farm holiday

Equipped with rooms or self catering apartments, they can accommodate from ten to about forty/fifty people. Informal and flexible, farmhouses are able to provide basic services and facilities by preparing delicious outdoor breakfast, snacks and traditional recipes. In addition to the reception on the day of the wedding, you can arrange a pizza party to welcome guests upon their arrival, a picnic or pool-party before saying goodbye.

A wedding in a Tuscan farmhouse means a new experience at your own pace. Many farmhouses are in a strategic position, close to the art cities and the typical fortified villages such as San Gimignano, which can be visited during the day. Waiting for the big day, you can then decide alternate between discovering Tuscany afternoons relaxing by the pool whilst sipping a glass of red wine. To then welcome your guests into an unforgettable atmosphere that will frame your wedding.

We work with various Holiday farms for weddings, If you are interested in seeing some of our proposals, please fill in the form, telling us your requests and ideas, we will be happy to select the most suitable farmhouse for you.

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