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The exclusivity of a historical villa as a spectacular scenery for your unforgettable wedding.
Tuscany villa wedding

Tuscan villas for weddings are rich in history and offer countless opportunities for a perfect wedding. Whether you are in the open countryside or near major art cities like Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, you will be amazed by the variety of styles they offer. Elegant and refined, or more rustic and informal, they are always in a dominant position and offer unique views and plenty of space to set up your wedding. Getting married in a Tuscan villa, means fusing the charm of a prestigious venue with the traditions of our region.

Most of the Tuscan villas for weddings were built around the XIII-XIV century, when the Medici family was in power and in Tuscany reigned in peace. Their Renaissance architecture differs completely from castles to rural houses. They were thought to be noble dwellings that had to be perfectly integrated with the agricultural landscape surrounding them. Just like castles, the villas are divided into two types. Some are well organized offering accommodation, food and beverage services for larger or smaller groups. Others can be hired for the wedding day only. In this case we can suggest numerous b&bs, hotels or self-catering apartments close to the villa for you and your guests.

“Where history, charm
and beauty blend
together in an
exceptional setting”

wedding in Tuscany castle

Whichever villa you choose, we can create an environment that matches your vision thanks to the many available spaces. The rustic wineries smell of freshly crushed grapes and carry the signs of centuries of activity. Solemn staircases give access to the upper floors where frescoed ballrooms are enriched by magnificent chandeliers and ancient fireplaces. Do not forget the meadows and Italian gardens decorated with flowers and fountains where you can enjoy the sun and the view. Many villas are also allowed to celebrate legal civil marriage, or have small churches, on site or in nearby villages, for blessings or religious ceremonies.

Weddings in Tuscan villas are always very scenic. They allow you to enjoy your special day in luxurious environments, surrounded by the beauty of the typical Tuscan landscape. The result is an exceptional setting that will surprise your guests.

We work with various villas. If you are interested in seeing our proposals, please fill in the form to tell us your needs and ideas, we’ll be more than happy to select the villas which are most suitable for you.

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