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The uniqueness of a Tuscan hamlet to plan an exclusive wedding
Tuscan Hamlets for weddings

Are you wondering what Tuscan hamlets for weddings look like?  Close your eyes and imagine Tuscany. Anybody would vision a green landscape made up of hills, vineyards and olive groves with little villages that pop up in between. Terracotta roofs that match perfectly with one another, whilst narrow streets unravel between houses. In Italian we call them “Borgo”. Small villages inhabited since medieval times that have preserved history and architecture to this day. Some of these villages are famous worldwide and visited by millions of tourists. Others smaller and hidden, they are the most heavenly setting for your wedding in Tuscany.

Our hamlets are usually made up of a more noble main residence surrounded by smaller buildings, which in the past were used both as homes and farms. Following restoration work they have been transformed into exclusive accommodation ready to accommodate you in a unique setting for your wedding. In some cases they have a sophisticated and typically Tuscan style, sometimes luxurious accommodation with every comfort. Whether it is an intimate wedding or a large group of guests, the hamlet will be transformed for a few days in a village inhabited by your dearest.

“Imagine a Tuscan hamlet
inhabitated by
your dearest
for a few days”

Luxury Tuscan hamlets for weddings

The square will be the meeting point, where you can welcome your guests with a glass of prosecco. Then you will be spoilt for choice with the many spaces that can be used for every moment of your weeding. The small church, a garden which overlooks the countryside or perhaps mystical woods could host the ceremony. Large terraces, gardens, or pool-side areas could be perfect for an aperitif. Whilst dinner could be perfectly set in the courtyard or in the square. To finish off with dancing in the halls with frescoes or under the stars.

Some Tuscan hamlets for weddings have internal catering which not only will look after the wedding reception but also prepare tasty meals throughout your stay. Other hamlets however give you the freedom of choice. Either way Tuscany is rich in possibilities and we can no doubt find the best possibile solution for the wedding of your dreams.

The uniqueness of a wedding in a Tuscan hamlet is the possibility of experiencing places filled with poetry that are equal to a journey back in time. A way to impress your guests with an exclusive Tuscan experience which they will remember forever.

We work with various hamlets. If you are curious and would like to see the properties, please fill in the form, telling us your needs and ideas. We will be more than happy to select Hamlets most adapt to you.

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