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Where dreams happen, a magical atmosphere to surprise your guests

Tuscan castles for weddings

Tuscan castles for weddings are perhaps the most romantic dream a couple may have. Imagine driving up a road with cypresses lining each side. The road little by little climbing up the sweet hills boasting olive groves. The imposing towers slip between the rows of vines that at sunset are orange, mixing with the colours of the sky. Majestic and solemn, the castle stands in the countryside, its doors open and reveal wonder.

Between the solid walls, the echo of the past calls on present day while ones gaze is lost in a green, harmonious and timeless landscape gardens. Inside there are flower gardens, magnificent dance halls full of frescoes, ancient cloisters, lodges and spectacular courts. Just like in a novel, the wedding is animated. The delicate scent of flowers fills the atmosphere, music vibrates in the air and the lights dress the castle in new charm, creating a fairytale atmosphere.

In Tuscany, your dream can come true. Our region offers many locations for those who desire a Tuscan castles for weddings. Some are found in the heart of Chianti. Others in the middle of the countryside or on important art cities doorstep such as Florence and Siena. Dating back to medieval times, these castles were originally the homes of noble families or used as forts to defend and reppresent fantastic sites where history, culture and nature encounter one another.

“Welcome your guests
with a guaranteed
wow factor”

Tuscan castles for weddings with pool

Each castle is unique, both in position and for its architecture. You may find fully restored ones which have been transformed into luxury hotels where you can spend days in friends and family’s company. Or you may decide to celebrate your wedding in a place exclusively for the big day and welcome your guests with a guaranteed wow factor.

Castles have lots of space in order to set up for various times and moments of your special day. The ceremony above all, some castles are authorized to host legal civil ceremonies – which can be held outdoors or in the mistic courtyards. To follow, aperitif in the gardens while we wait for a poetic sunset before moving on to satisfy our guests palate with dinner served in a scenic courtyard. Finishing off with the cutting of the cake lit up by firworks in the night sky or non-stop dancing under the stars.

Many elegant spaces that allow us to reveal a little at a time the magic of Tuscan castles for weddings, to create amazing and ever different atmosphere. An ongoing surprising emotion that will take your guests’ breath away.

We work with numerous castles. If you are curious and would like to see what we have to offer complete the form, telling us your requests and your ideas, we’ll be happy to select the castles which are most suited to you.

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