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Legally binding marriages recognised all around the world

A civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany is the right solution if you desire your wedding to be recognized in your country. This kind of marriage can be held at all town halls. Italian city halls are often amazing ancient locations with frescoed halls or charming cloisters. Many historical wedding venues like castles or villas are also licensed to host civil marriages, which represent an interesting opportunity to ease the flow of the event.

There are no residency requirements to get legally married in Italy. You’ll need to start the process approximately six months before the wedding date. You will be asked to produce specific documents that changes depending on your nationality and country of residence. You may need to spend some days in Italy in case you have to apply for documents at your country’s embassy in Italy. Then you will need to arrive a few days before the wedding to complete the paperwork in front of the town registrar.

We can support you during the entire process, providing assistance with documents, paperwork, translations, relations with Italian authorities and all the aspects that may need attention. We’ll ensure you take the right steps at the right time, taking care of the Italian obligations and delivering legal certificates after the ceremony


A romantic celebration tailored on your requirements

Symbolic ceremonies are the most flexible option for couples who desire to get married in Italy. Without any legal requirements, a symbolic marriage can be arranged with short notice anywhere you like. It represents an opportunity for couples who have already undertaken their formalities at home and want to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. It is also a romantic solution for people that don’t have requisites for a legal or religious wedding. Moreover it represent a nice rite for couples who desire to celebrate their anniversary renewing the vows or simply if you aren’t interested in an official marriage.

Called also Humanist Ceremony, it can be completely tailored in order to meet you desires and vision. The celebrant will guide you through various options defining all details. You will choose the tone, duration, music and words. We will suggest nice ideas to enrichen the ceremony. Like lighting a candle to symbolize the union of your hearts. Or the warming of the rings to get your guests involved. The ceremony will be performed in your language and we will provide a parchment for you to sign.


Join your souls with a celebration that respect your faith’s traditions

Roman Catholic, Protestant or Jewish we can help you in arranging the ceremony that best fits your circumstances. Options and procedures obviously change depending on your faith. In any case you will need to start the process at least six months before the wedding date.

Catholicism is the official religion in Italy. Tuscany offers many alternatives for your marriage in an amazing ancient church. You can choose between cathedrals in the heart of the most beautiful cities. Or small chapels in the countryside if you prefer an intimate atmosphere. The marriage will take place during the mass and it can also be combined with a civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany with legal validity.

Jewish ceremonies can be arranged under a Chuppah on the lawn at any wedding venue as well as in the historic synagogues of Florence, Pisa, Siena or Livorno. Regarding Protestant ceremonies, the Pastor can carry out the ceremony in the amazing Protestant church of Florence-. An alternative is to have an outdoors marriage at any venue you choose for your wedding.

We can support you during the entire process. We will putting you in touch with the required authorities when you have to move personally ahead. While we will take care of all the aspects we can help with easing the process.

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