Boho Chic Wedding

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The Boho chic wedding is the trend of the year! The style is inspired to the bohemian art movement born in France during the XIX Century. The word was used to describe the unconventional life style of painters, poets and artist in general. Nowdays it has a wider meaning to indicate a cultured, artistic and original style. Are you characterized by a free spirit? Well, a boho chic wedding will fit you perfectly!

Let’s start with flowers. The bouquet should be airy, composed of peonies, roses and wild flowers to look natural, like it has been just picked. Instead of a classic arch, a tree can be used to create the background for the cermony. It should be majestically cover with greenery and flowers to look like spontaneously grown.  Some dream catchers to complete the decoration and this corner will appear mistic and very exclusive.

Country style 2

“Boho Chic will transport you
in the enchanted tale
of your big day!”

To create a boho chic wedding, details are essential as well as a touch o vintage gold. Table decorations should be rich and sountuos: high candelabras, gold cuttlery, dishes that seems to be found in a hope chest. Not forgetting candles, flower arrangements and greenery branches as centerpiece. Stationery can be enriched with a personalized wax stamp, like it was an old letter. Finally accessories… don’t limit your immagination! Vintage chairs, a convertible car (like an fun fiat 500 or a chariming Citroen 2CV), writing machines and any ancient artistic object you may find. That’s the secret for a successful boho chic wedding!

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